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Our Story

Dedication and Service in Jesus Christ

LOVECB was birthed in November 2010 when Dr. Leroy Carhart (the nation’s best known provider of late-term abortions) planned to open his abortion clinic in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

On October 15, 2010, Nebraska's law became effective banning abortions that were 20 weeks post fertilization. On the other hand, Iowa allowed later term abortions at that time.  Leroy Carhart, whose clinic was located in Bellevue Nebraska, made plans to establish his late term abortion business in Council Bluffs. The church rose up and fought against Carhart’s plan. A coalition of  Catholics, Evangelicals, attorneys and business men formed. We met often to strategize, began prayer meetings, brought awareness to our community, went en masse to petition our City Council and went to Des Moines to petition our state lawmakers to pass a 20 week restriction on abortions. The church successfully kept Leroy Carhart from establishing his abortion clinic in Council Bluffs. 

Afterwards, because of our effectiveness through working together, the same coalition decided to form LOVECB, 'Churches working together to love and bless our community’.  LOVECB served the city of Council Bluffs for several years by cleaning up neighborhoods, by doing several prayer events together and by bringing attention to issues that were harmful to our community.

After several years LOVECB disbanded. LOVECB RESURRECTED in May 2021 as pastors and ministry leaders began to work together at Bayliss Park. In the summer of 2021 we hosted monthly worship events at Bayliss Park from May to September.  Bayliss Park is in the heart of the city. Churches gathered there to proclaim His Name.  Worship teams from various churches volunteered to lead worship. Psalm 22:3 tells us God is enthroned upon our praises, we exalted the Lord over our city and together declared His Lordship, Power and Love.  

The following year in 2022, we introduced three more components. Besides worship, we established and sent out evangelism and prayer teams, had a prayer tent to pray for people’s needs, offered children’s ministry and gave out gifts of water, food and hygiene supplies etc.

In 2023, our first outreach at Bayliss Park was on the National Day of prayer, Thursday, May 4.  This year,  we hope to get as many churches and people to participate as possible to lift up our city in prayer.  We will also be doing an outreaches in  June, July, August, and September, all from 6 pm - 8 pm. We have five different worship teams scheduled to lead worship. Farmers Market is at Bayliss Park on same day which gives the church many opportunities to bless those who are attending...Please consider joining us! Send an evangelism team, youth ministry team evangelism or prayer team from your church. Psalm 133 tells us that the Lord will command the blessing as we work together to bless our community!

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